WorkAway #3: Plockton

June 13, 2015 § 1 Comment

Our luck on the Isle of Skye ran out the last day; leaving, we were greeted with nothing but harsh wind and cold rain.  After standing on the side of the road for a couple of hours, not even one car slowed down.  We were entirely frozen and devoid of hope, so we hopped on a bus and cursed the public transportation rates in Scotland.  But, leaving the island, we found sunshine again in Kyle of Lochalsh, and our spirits lifted.


We received a ride straight to our next WorkAway household; a modern house with a loft room for us and a fully-functioning shower.  Honestly, after a couple of weeks of cold toes and even colder water, we were in heaven.  And, on top of all the comfort, we had the most laid-back and awesome host.  She left a list of things to get done around the house/garden for the week, but was gone all day and we could manage our time how our mood dictated (and stuff ourselves with whatever food we were craving, whenever we were craving it).  So, it was more like a week of warm, fuzzy feelings than a week of work.

After three days of voluntary house containment (be blamed it on the weather, but, honestly, we were just exhausted and missed being able to lounge under a roof), we finally set off to explore.  A few steps away from the house was a little bridge over the railroad tracks:


, after which there was a gentle hill which ended in the one-lane harbour town of Plockton.


I wasn’t expecting Plockton to be like Plockton.  Yes, you have all of the regular Scottish Sea Town characteristics, like the exposed sandy shore during low tide:


, pink flowers growing from rocks:


, lobster cages:


, and the standard rusty chain:


But, it also had a loch that seemed more like a lake (I know, I know, but, for whatever reason, lochs usually feel like lochs to me, and lakes feel like lakes) and high mountains covered in dense, thick trees.  Most of the time, it felt more like I was in the middle of the Swiss peaks than some Scottish coast.

In addition to the lovely, secluded location and the WorkAway experience, the week brought me an old friend, who came up for a couple of days to giggle and explore with us.


We shared a lot of food and hit up the local pub for their traditional ceilidh-esque gathering.  The last day, we went for a walk.  After our sun dance worked its magic, we left the shelter of our house and started the hike across the peninsula, to the other coast.  We passed a couple of random, tiny villages:


, old, unmarked architecture:


, and a lot of fields and mountains:


Upon hitting the A87 at Balmacara, we walked along Loch Alsh for a while before hitting up a mini grocery store and getting a lift to Eilean Donan Castle.


The timing was perfect; the sun was beginning its six-hour descent, and a layer of dark, storm clouds provided the backdrop of the golden glow.  We found shelter just as the downpour hit, and entertained ourselves learning grammatically-incorrect slang in different languages.  Then we crossed back over the bridge and made it to the Dornie Town Hall just in time for the Birds of Paradise’s production of Crazy Jane, a theatrical dance show about Jane Avril and Toulouse Lautrec.  Even if the space was designed horribly for comfortable viewing, the idea was interesting to explore (and perfect to my interests).

After extended good-night’s and good-bye’s, it was time to bid our little bundle of sunny joy farewell and take separate paths.  While my friend headed back down south to Glasgow, A. and I hopped on another train and participated in our favourite pastime: sipping on coffee, snacking, and reading travel magazines while curled up on a train seat and watching beautiful landscapes whirl by.  This time, eastward to Inverness!



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