WorkAway #2: Isle of Luing

May 27, 2015 § 1 Comment

Getting from WorkAway #1 to WorkAway #2 was one of those days when it takes one jeep ride, three ferry crossings, one hitchhike ride, a bus, a hike, and eleven hours to make the 30 miles between Point A and Point B.


We started the day early, with an estimated 8 AM departure time from Drumbuie in order to make the 6 miles of dirt road to the Drimnin jetty.  However, the notorious Mr. C’s car wouldn’t start because he left the battery running all night… so we half-heartedly tried to fix it for half an hour, but it didn’t want to wake up, so we left him there and escaped on the farm jeep- to freedom!  We left the car in the next village over, put on all of our rain gear, and hopped onto the first ferry of the day.

On the other side of Sound of Mull was Tobermory, a colorful little port town that was our introduction to the island:

From there, we hitched a ride with a couple of chattering ladies to Craignure, from where we took the second ferry to Oban.  Oban wasn’t impressive- cold, wet, windy, no cozy coffee shops or warm restaurants.  So, in order to warm up our toes, we whiled a couple of hours away at the nation’s equivalent of Starbucks- Costa Coffee.  Then, a bus that took us to the end of its line in North Cuan, about an hour south of Oban.


From there, one more ferry to South Cuan, where our next WorkAway host (and the current WorkAway girl already staying there) greeted us and helped us wheelbarrow our bags the remainder of the walk home.

After Mr. C, Mr. R seemed heavenly- set hours for the morning, a warm(er) house, intelligent conversations, and a shower.  We soon learned the downside of staying with an elderly man who has had mouth cancer- mostly squishy vegetarian meals with no flavour.  And, being on an island, we had a very rationed diet of these rather bland creations.  However, we did find the one kiosk on the island, where we sneaked off to in the afternoons to gorge on chocolate cookies and beer by the seaside.

Other than the free afternoons, the best part of WA#2 was the use of bicycles– and the fact that the Isle of Luing was perfect for exploration on them:


So, we zoomed around the green pastures:

, and between the sheep:


, and past abandoned houses:


, and between big, blue puddles:

, and amidst the main population of the island:

At the end of the one road of the island, we found some hilly green blobs of ground popping out from the water, which are great fun to hop around on to get from one side of the cove to the other:


When not biking, our adventures consisted of scaling along the seaside cliffs to the town, which started out by the lobster cages:


, and then took us over rocks:

, rocks:



, rocks:


, and more rocks:

, before finally arriving at the scattered ten houses that form the biggest (bigger) town of the 108-peopled island.  There, we encountered a teddy bear drying out in the middle of a steady drizzle:


, and another boat:


So there’s this Scottish chapter.  The afternoons dedicated to planning (when raining) and the beautiful scenery (when not raining) were much appreciated, but now we are ready to move on.  After a week of cutting wood and raking grass, we are ready to do new things on new islands… and we are definitely ready for something with a drop of protein or anything crunchy in it.  So… time to bid adieu to this backyard:


, and see where the rain clouds will take us!  Onward, to the north!




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