Workaway #1: Drumbuie

May 20, 2015 § 5 Comments

It has been a while since the last post: in the last couple of months, we travelled eastward from San Cristóbal de las Casas to Cancún, spent a very adventurous month in Cuba, flew back through Mexico to go to Austin, TX for a couple of weeks, flew back to Mexico City for a week, and then boarded a plane in Cancún that would take us to… Glasgow!

And now, we are starting a new adventure on the other side of the pond.  We’re hopping around Scotland and discovering the wonderfulness that is WorkAway (helping out with projects around the house in exchange for food and accommodation).  First, we had a couple of days in Glasgow to sleep, stock up on waterproof clothing, and stroll around, admiring the quaint contentedness that is this city:


And then we boarded a train that took us to Fort William, the famous transportation hub.  From there, a bus down to Corran, where we took a ferry from one side of the town to another- scenic lighthouses and the standard yellow bushes included:


From the yard umbrellas of The Inn, we were picked up by our first WorkAway Host- Mr. C.  It was the beginning of a long, long week.  I still have mixed feelings about it, becuase the house was beautiful and utterly isolated, we had our own fank to live in (which was attached to their cellars, with dozens and dozens of bottles of all types of good wines), there was good food to prepare, and the work was a great diversity of things that A. and I enjoy, but… after the first two days, the Reasonable Daughter left to go back to Glasgow, and it was just the two of us stuck with the notorious Mr. C.  And he is the gumpiest and least-mannered person that I have ever met- I didn’t realize that people could be so rude.

So, yes…  the six-mile dirt road that led from the last building to our property was lovely:


And we lived in a cozy, brick house:


And we had our own cottage (however cold it was):


And we had the best view outside of our bedroom window:


And we had some fuzzy company:


And we always had a dramatic horizon to amuse us:


And our backyard was a field of slippery seaweed to slide around on:


And the waters surrounding us were clear:


And between the cementing and painting and gardening and getting nails out of wood and chopping up firewood and laying down stone flooring, there was no shortage of amusing tasks to keep us entertained and fit:


And I’m not complaining about working from morning until sunset (which happens a bit before midnight around these parts), and preparing two meals inbetween, and cleaning everything up in the house, because we both enjoy a good load of work, but… having someone constantly yelling at you and insulting you because he is bitter with life is not exactly what we were expecting.  And, it would have been nice to have a couple of hours of lazy reading time, or one not-rushed morning, and time to plan the next portion of our trip.


So… while the location and work was pretty perfect, our first WorkAway experience was, overall, far from.  But, we learnt to bite our tongue, drank more wine, and roamed further and further away upon the hills to get some quiet time from miserable old people.  Between my charm and A.’s respectable nature, I thought that we could warm up to anyone, but… I guess that this was a lost case.

Oh well… it was a good learning experience, offered us shelter and rich feasts (I learned how to make bread!) in a beautiful nook of this country, and made the next WorkAway stop so-much-more pleasant to arrive to.  Next: idyllic life on the little island of Luing.


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