Road Trip 2015: (To and In and From) Alpine, TX

January 9, 2015 § 1 Comment

Let me re-integrate what I ended my last post with, for it truly deserves a bout of celebration: Mr. Italian and I did not freeze overnight in our little tent in the middle of the Texan desert during a winter storm.

Celebration took place the form of many cups of Big Blend coffee, freshly brewed in the warm lobby, and de-thawing our feet in front of the fireplace until noon while listening to M. Ward records and reading obscure poetry.  Then, eating the last of our bread and cheese and chocolate, and hopping back into the car…. pointing toward Alpine!

Most of the road looked pretty much like that, complete with the perpetual Tropicana train passing though (makes me wonder if it wasn’t just a 26-mile long train):


The only thing worth mentioning was a Historical Marker pit stop- solely because it included a ladder that enable us to hop the wire fence running parallel to every highway in West Texas:

Even if the view just kinda looked exactly the same as from the other side of the wire fence:

And then, appearing on the horizon with all of its electrical-power-line-fixer-trucks, Alpine, TX!:

The town consisted of an old train station:

, an old train to play on (and not bother watching anyone’s steps):

, an old fire truck:

, and a row of art galleries, used book/music stores, and a handful of potentially-cute food nooks that were all closed because traffic has been cut off the past few days due to icy roads and everything lacked supplies.  But, alas, we did find a real grocery store (only one in West Texas?)!  So, we filled up whatever little space we could make in our tiny Fiat and then kept driving.

South, toward Terlingua. The road was mostly this:


With an occasional horse:


(or two:)


And, of course, another breathtaking sunset coloring the sky just as we were pulling off the highway and onto the dirt road that would take us to our new home for the next three nights:


Home was an airbnb property, and absolute perfection for our next few days in the Big Bend area:

It was charming and cute and cozy, situated on top of a hill with an open patio that overlooked the mountains changing colors at sunrise and sunset:


It even came with an adorable outhouse (and when has that adjective ever been used to describe a bathroom?), which kept our wine and hot chocolate intake to very modest levels after the sun set and the temperatures dropped into the negatives:

Due to the winter storm, we were without electricity for a couple of days and had to turn the water off at night to prevent pipes from freezing- but it somehow added to the experience and made it even better.  It’s a beautiful thing, to wake up with the sunrise and play cards in the candlelight.  It went perfectly with the atmosphere: isolated and down-to-earth and luxurious in everything that matters to the senses and satisfies the soul.


There were no lights out there, other than the full moon and the stars.  There was no noise, other than the wind.  No sense of time, other than the sun.  Nothing to distract from the ground that is below you, and the sky that is above.

Just here and now, how it’s supposed to be.


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