Road Trip 2015: Hold Time (Marfa, TX)

January 5, 2015 § 1 Comment

Instead of a Sunrise Hike, Day Three of our Great West Texas Road Trip started with wooden dominoes:

And then, time to leave the Indian Lodge and stuff everything back into our Fiat and hit the road again.  We stopped at the Stone Village Market in Fort Davis for brunch, which had an impressive selection of munchies.  Our lunch menu consisted of gumbo, hot bread, cheddar cheese, and a six-pack of beer (it was one of those days).


Then, a stroll down Cemetery Road:


Where we did not find the cemetery, but did walk past multiple rather-desolate houses:

We had been planning on filling up our near-empty gas tank at Fort Davis, but the two gas stations were out of order.  So, we crossed out fingers and drove on to the next town: Marfa.


The landscapes between Ft. Davis and Marfa were astounding.  Mostly like this:


, with a sprinkle of this:

, and a smidget of this:

, and a pinch of this:

And, ahead, always this:

Eventually, vegetation started again:

, and this sign greeted us to our destination town:


What a quaint little oasis, in the middle of the mighty desert (though also gas-less, as the mighty winter storm closed down fuel delivery opportunities for a few days and everything has been sucked dry, uh-oh)!  Unfortunately, we missed on all of the Wed-Sun art galleries, but we did still stroll around downtown:


, played along the railroad tracks:


, and hit up the famous bookstore (with a very impressive selection of literature– my favourite being the obscure-countries-translated-into-English cart):


We stayed at El Cosmico, an RV park that also offers teepee’s and tents and trailers:

We stayed in one of the safari tents:

Which was cute and cozy, and challenged our survival skills as temperature dropped to -6 degrees Celsius in the night (we made it!).  Also, we did not dare take a shower, as the bathrooms were cute, but outside, and the bathtub full of ice:

The rest of the campsite was colorful and home-y, with a modest kitchen, comfy hammocks, and lots of Christmas lights:


Sunset was impressive, with the biggest moon that I have ever seen slowly creeping up above the mountains:

In the evening, we drove back through town en route to go check out the famous Marfa Lights (funky stuff!), and marveled at the town hall decorations:

Then, back to our tent.  Nine blankets, three clothing layers, and determination to see the sunrise in the morning.



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