Driftwood, driftwood, everywhere…

August 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

And the driftwood adventures continue!  After crafting up a lamp for the living room, I decided to keep the trend of nature-y accents going.

It was time for me to tread foot into the bedroom- the last nook of the house that still looked like a cluttered hospital room.  Ironically, as I called upon supernatural powers to nudge the bed away from the wall so that I could prep it for painting, I realized that three years ago, I was doing almost the same exact thing: mixing white paint to give the bedroom a fresh coat as Mr. Italian was laying on the couch with a twisted ankle and I was still a mere Couchsurfer, happy to lend a hand in exchange for the shelter I was receiving.

This year, the white was layered with a couple of shades of grey for an elegant, textured accent wall behind the bed:


With a piece of driftwood, painted white, hanging from the ceiling and taking the focus (as long as you ignore Wolg’s competitive presence, sprawled in the middle of the pillows).

Then I took out horrible photos from picture frames, gave the frame the same shade of off-white, and created a simple collage that incorporates dried flowers from Mr. Italian’s and my travels (and Ancona adventures):


And then, the really fun part: driftwood shelves!  I found a couple of beat up, flat pieces of wood that I painted the same texture as the wall.  Since IKEA is experiencing a nationwide lack of ekby stilig (ie: really plain white shelf brackets), I opted for slightly heavier wooden corners, painted them ‘driftwood white’, managed to avoid any water pipes while drilling them into the wall, and attached the shelves to the brackets with the same white twine I used for the driftwood lamp.  And, voila!

Shelves Profile

We have functioning shelves.

Shelf Strings

With hooks.

Shelf Hook

And meaningful decorations, most of them collected from various travels.

And now, I came to the realization that I am out of rooms to decorate in this flat.  Not sure how  I feel about that.  Although, methinks that I am going to Dream Big and stay on the lookout for new places to remodel- and more driftwood : )


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