Roman Rooftops

July 21, 2014 § 1 Comment

Okay, okay, I know that I said that I will not participate in any more of these mandatory Weekend Beach Lounging sessions, but… in the end, it does allow me to swim, take infinite cold showers, and go through several buckets of ice for my water.  Also, I am forced to read and make art and talk to little kids in Italian, so maybe it’s actually more productive than I feared it would be.  Plus, it has gotten to that point where it is equally unbearable to be sitting at home and underneath a little beach umbrella; serious summer sizzling has started.

So, third full day on the beach, third couple of beachtime sketches.

Today, we are shifting from the eastern coast to the western coast of Italy: Roma!

More specifically, Roman rooftops:

Roman Rooftops

And Roman rooftops during sunset:

Roman Sunset

In the end, it’s always these Italian rooftop silhouettes that I miss the most.  I wonder if, one day, one of them will be mine?


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  • Gregory says:

    Little secret: Every painting of Simba have in their colours some drops of italian wine. I’ve noticed it last time it happenedò a little drop of wine fell on the painting and the brush just passed in it, mixing it into the painting like it’s meant to be part of it. (I love it!)

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