(more) Art in Ancona

July 8, 2014 § 1 Comment

A week in Ancona, and I am starting to get pretty restless and think about what the “important parts” of life are.  I miss the nights full of dancing, and all of the outside afternoon activities, and theatre/music events back home (as well as all of the people associated with all of the above), but I do have much more time here to devote to art.  As in, all day, every day.

Which satisfies a different part of me… how to balance them both?  Find a middle ground that does not make me feel like a sedated slug, and still let me be in a part of the world that I would like to be in, with the person that I would like to be with?

Until then, I have been entertaining a few new art project ideas based on this little corner of the world that I am currently living in.  One of them is advertisements about businesses and their owners here in Ancona:


And the other series of watercolor/marker snapshots of Ancona expands every time that I am forced to spend a day at the beach.  This past Sunday was particularly hot and windless, so it was difficult to find the energy to lift paintbrushes.  In the end, I did whip up a couple of sketches though.  One featuring your average street here in Ancona:

Ancona Street

And the other one, sunflowers at dusk:


Maybe, if I find a way to paint while zumba-ing, I’ll feel better.  Or, they could just open a latino nightclub and a black box theater in town…


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