Day on the Beach

June 30, 2014 § 1 Comment

In Italy, summertime means beachtime.  And beachtime means everyone lying like sardines under rows of striped umbrellas from dawn until dusk, the tan rotations interrupted only by lunch/coffee/gelato breaks and volleyball games.  And, when things get really desperate, occassional cold showers for the brave few.

In other words, definitely not my type of thing.  Moreover, (to spite me, I think), Mr. Italian took up a summer weekend job at a friend’s beach establishment… and, so, if I have any hope of spending some (semi) quality time together, I have to tag along and conform to the sardine standard.  This is where I drew the line and started looking at air tickets to the Baltic countries, but I did say that I would put up with one day…

… and I am glad that I did, as I actually kinda, sorta, allllllllllmost enjoyed it 🙂

It helps that Mr. Italian works behind the bar, so I had numerous caffès and glasses of wines and spritzes and snacks brought to my little table.  But, even without the Italian nibbles and sips, I consider it a day well-spent.  A completely jellyfish-free swim, a pebble-y stroll, and a perfect breeze and afternoon cloud coverage made the twelve hours a lot more enjoyable.

I read a good book (finally!): Mancarsi by Diego de Silva.  And then did a couple of watercolor sketches (basic art lessons in Italian included to the flow of little kiddoes that came to observe the process).  The day’s theme was cats in le Marche:


I feel like this could turn into a very long series, so I am going to do my best to limit myself to just a couple.


And then I got in some language practice, as there were people from all over the world at the beach establishment (girl from Houston, what you be doin’ in Ancona?!).  Tie it up with a FIFA match on a screen on the beach with another spritz in hand, and it’s officialy a good day (YAY, HOLLAND).

(But don’t think that you tamed me into Regular Beach Lounging Lady, Mr. Italian.)


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