A Wedding in Belgium

June 22, 2014 § 1 Comment

Based on my experience, a wedding in Belgium consists of to-the-point efficiency, hard metal music, and reindeer.


The wedding ceremony itself took place at the town (village?) hall, instead of a church.  It was a room with a three tables that formed a “C” shape, and a bearded man that read out loud three or four of the relevant testaments, the groom and the bride that said “ja“,  and a beady-glassed woman that served your option of champagne or orange juice (or both, if you mix them together and decide to make Belgian mimosas… and get caught in the act on camera, like me).  But you couldn’t sip too long, because there was another wedding in line. Then we clapped, the bride walked down the stairs, and everyone jumped into cars to zoom off to the dinner reception.

Which took place in a farmhouse in the middle of the countryside.  You were surrounded by this:


, complete with a couple of reindeer and punk geese in the backyard.


There was a long aperitivo of champagne (or orange juice…) and mini sausages and pretzels.  And all of the obligatory wedding photos:


Even the sun came out for the newly-wed couple, so this pre-dinner outside-lounging and running around on the green grass was very much enjoyed.

And then came the dinner of grilled meats and potato salads and cucumber mixes, and wine, and every type of beer that you can imagine.  After ice-cream cake and speculoos for dessert, it was time to systematically clear off the tables, roll a couple of them to the side, and start with the music portion of the night.  The first dance was to some heavy metal punk song and strobe lights:


And then, other than a random Chris deBurgh and Snow Patrol song, the rest of the playlist consisted of metal and heavy house music (we are in Belgium, after all…).

So… very much a casual event, and not anywhere near as picturesque or food-intense as the Italian weddings that I have had the honour of attending.  But, I had a really good time, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  The assembly of Dutch and French and Belgian and Who-Knows-From-Where people was a hoot, and it was entertaining to never know which language to speak with any of the fellow guests- but then, always manage to fall into a really interesting conversation.


Such as with this charming fellow, right out of French commercial.  If anyone needs to hire a comedian/magician, this is the guy.

To tie up the night, a (very brisk) stroll through midnight Brugges, and then come back home to find the windows covered with marriage messages written with shaving cream.  There we go… that’s more like it, Belgians!


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