Take Another Piece of My Heart Now, Austin!

June 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Another 2.5-week layover in Austin was enough to seal the deal.

After a way-too-long airplane adventure from Juliaca (is there an uglier scarier city in the world?!) to Austin through Lima and Ft. Lauderdale, it was time to snooze for a full day.  Upon waking up, I was happy to find that my stomach parasite was pretty much gone- guess that the Austin vibes clear up any intestine virus!

So, I spent the first week stuffing my face with entire cheesecakes and bags of breakfast tacos.  And creating various food platters at home:

And celebrating Austin’s Austin-ness with all of its music venues and long nights of spinning records.  Blues On the Green, Austin’s biggest series of free summertime concerts, started while I was there, so I even got to knock out the outside concert craving.  We’ll ignore the fact that the opening band sucked, and just focus on the Austin vibes.


The weather was actually unusually chilly (if you can stretch it to that) while I was there; rain and tornadoes and clouds and wind.  But there were a few absolutely beautiful and sunny days as well, and I thoroughly enjoyed them with various hikes and swims in the area.  Such as Krause Springs, which always makes me grin like a fool at its flower wonderland:

, and its weaving trails and watering holes:

, and some really awesome textures in the rocks:


Then nights consisted of dancing my little heart out until dawn reappeared.  I have re-fallen in love with all of the latin dances (how did I go a year in Italy without my bi-weekly doses of salsa?!), and have fallen in love with blues dancing (how have I never danced blues before?!).  Combine that with all of the morning jogs and various zumba/jazzercise sessions, and I am back to feeling good about early morning workouts and filled with enough energy to take over the world.

On a less-than fun note, (other than outside playtime and food adventures) my days were spent at the dentist, practically getting all of my teeth re-done.  As it turns out, re-done with a bonding agent that is not very compatible with my mouth.  Which means, that I am currently a food invalid, and the first purchase that I did in Italy was to (finally) buy that smoothie machine.  And, while it sucks to be in agonizing pain and not being able to eat anything and planning the next trip based on dentist accessibility, it is kind of cool to be able to blend together all sorts of fruits at home.  Finally, real smoothies in Italia!

Ancona Smoothies

So… mixed feeling in regards to being back in Ancona.  I like the surroundings and the espresso, but already missing all of the Austin adventures.  Today, I’m flying off to Belgium for a week with Mr. Italian… maybe that’ll clear the muggy transition zone between the continents.  Looking forward to new adventures and seeing where the winds will blow me after this little excursion!


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