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Annnnnnnnnnnd, Cusco, check! : )

To sum it up, to me, this valley town is all about lots of steps:


Amazing food nooks:


In which you eat 5-star food for .99 cent menu prices:

Beautiful old doors:

Llamas in the street:


And colorful fabrics:


Cusco is definitely one-of-a-kind. The layout kind of reminds me of Sarajevo, but the vibe is somewhere between Mostar and Belgrade and little, southern Spanish towns.

The hostel that I am staying at is part of La Boheme, Cusco’s best creperie:

Bread-and-marmelade breakfasts have been replaced with crepes-and-marmelade with a cup of coffee, and early evenings are filled with glasses (or, cute terracotta vases) of wine and pick-up sticks:


My days tend to revolve around food. After breakfast, it’s time to head over to San Pedro Market,


which consists of hundreds of stalls boasting of fresh juices, soups, snacks, and all of the veggies and fruits and meats and breads and cheeses that your heart might desire (and more):

And then hit up Pantastico, the best bakery in the world. And after that, it’s usually time for a hike out of town.


My favorite day hike is toward the Temple of the Moon:


, which has a little crevice that you can wiggle in through and hosts an old sacrificial table:


Around the temple, there are hundreds of makeshift paths around an infinite countryside that let you walk for hours without seeing anyone:


Just isolated ruins:


And an occassional llama:


And lots of cacti:


And an occassional purple thistle:


But, mostly, it’s just emptiness and green grandeur all around:

And, along the same path, there is a wheat field to cross:


which brings you to the giant statue of Cristo Blanco that overlooks the entire city:


Other than that, I spend my days admiring the composition of electricity lines and roof angles:

Befriending cats out of my window:


Haggling at the San Blas artisan market:


Occasionally managing to resist signs in front of restaurants:


Stumbling down little alleys:

And wandering around after the sun has gone down, which gives the town a completely different feel:


The houses scattered on mountains all around seem like stars:


And the plaza gains a romantic, warm glow:

And then there’s the healing circles and glorious massages and meditation rounds at The Healing House. And the hopping nighttime nooks, with all of their live music and pisco sour glory, but maybe those pictures are better left unposted ; )

And now, it’s time to throw lots of fruits and queque‘s into a backpack and take one last hot bath before getting up at 3:30 AM to depart on a 5-day trek to Machu Picchu via the Salkantay Trail. Looking forward to a little bit of exercise to break up the 10-meals-a-day lifestyle here in Cusco.  If I don’t freeze en route, see you all in a week or so!


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