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And the adventures through little towns in Peru continue.

From Pisac, I took a couple of collectivos to arrive in Ollantaytambo (or, locally reffered to as Ollantay), another ancient Inca town about 60 km west.  It’s been a mixed day.

Although I am right on track with staying in adorable, colorful hotels with my own space and plenty of architectural inspiration.  At the Casa de Wow, there is no lack of wooden fixtures and vibrant hues (and heartfelt hugs and sweet coca tea):

And the view out the window ain’t too shabby:


Stick your head out and turn it to the left, and you see this:


Turn it to the right, and you see this:


A bit of othe same feel as Pisac:


But there are these really cool irrigation canals running through every street:


It’s quaint, all of these narrow little, cobblestoned alleys:


And although I preffer the green surrounding Pisac, these rustic, sunny cactus mountains do have their own appeal:


After the first good sandwich I had here in Peru (ie: REAL bread!) at a funky cafe’ in the main plaza, I started strolling around and somehow ended up in the ruins.  So, I guess, if you cross the little wooden bridge, dance through the field, make friends with the cows, hop over the creek, and then shimy down a stone wall, you can get inside the ruins without a boleto turistico.  Too bad that I bought one yesterday.


And although these ruins did not have the spectacular hike that the ones at Pisac had, it was fun to walk through all of the old rooms and check out the well-perserved floorplans and meditate on the steppes:


Then I hiked up to some other ruins on the other side of the town.  The hike itself was fine, but I somehow ended up flooding my camera with water in my bag, so… I stuck it in a glass of rice overnight and am crossing my fingers and praying for a miracle that it will function normally again, soon.  Because buying a new camera in Cusco is not on my Travel Expenses list.

To comfort myself, I went out and celebrated (it’s Labour Day today in Peru, so the day was well chosen) with a gigantic plum brownie and a very poofy mocha.  The first coffee product that I have had in weeks, so now my head is all spinny and my fingers are shaky, but the experience itself was lovely and delicious and made me miss Italy a little bit.

To tie up the night, I met this slightly-drunk New Age hippie man that taught me all about the world’s energy and knotted me a Dreadlock Number Two at the side of one of the irrigation canals, under hundreds of starts.  It’s been a while since I have seen so many flickering diamonds in the sky, and it was beautiful.

I wonder when these internally-clocked 6AM- 9PM days will shift.  It’s amazing how long they feel, and how satisfying they are, and how good your bed feels at the end of the day.


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