Lima, Peru

April 17, 2014 § 1 Comment

And so my South American adventures begin… with Lima.

Except, not really.  This two-month ticket to Peru was bought kind of spontaneously, in the middle of a hundred other things going on in life, so I had absolutely zero prepared before I got on the plane.  Not that I’m into planning, but… new continent, time to research a few options.  Thus, my few days in Lima have pretty much consisted of staying in my rented room, researching every single last hostel in Cusco, booking Inca Trails, looking up all of the good stuff, and putting together playlists for the next few weeks.  Tomorrow morning, I hit the road 🙂

Although, in my humble opinion, I think that it was three days well-spent.  Projecting and reading and booking and eating bananas, in this quaint little house:

Cozy room, with one wall that is a huge window that rolls open onto a little rooftop balcony.  Then, donwstairs are paper butterflies and old books from all over the world.

And while being cooped up inside is not exactly my travel style, Lima is also not exactly my type of destination, so that works out alright.  I know that one can’t properly judge a city after a few, pretty static days, but… still, not my cup of tea.  Everything is kind of flat and grey and full of noise.  Especially here in Miraflores, it’s a perpetual soundtrack of construction and car honks.  Vicious, relentless ones.  So, no thank you.

I did stroll around a bit though.  The first day was kind of disappointing, as I stayed mostly in Miraflores (although I did stumble across a really cool art gallery and theater line-up at the Peruvian-British Culture House, and had a very adventurous lunch at the least tourist-y nook in this neighborhood).  I did like the cliffs that accompany the entire coast line, except that there is a highway that runs all along the shore and kind of ruins the “silence of the sea” idea.  But, still:

And I do appreciate the many, colorful parks that dot the promenade stretching through the many kilometers of Lima’s coastline.  My favorite one on this side is the mosaic park (or, rather, the Lover’s Garden, because of the giant statue in the middle of it and all of the Love and Sea Quotes):

And then there is a pretty cool, traditional-looking lighthouse in an adjacent park:

And there are a few side streets that have an antique charm:

But, other than my pretty room, nothing to keep me here.  Yesterday, I did scale down the cliff’s highway (how many times can you get honked at in fifteen minutes?  A lot.), and strolled along the desolate beach:

Until I reached the emergency evacuation route that took you up from this grey shore to the bright and colorful neighborhood of Barranco.  Now, that is an acceptable nook.  This was a pretty good sign:

Lots of quaint, traditional houses and streets:

And I particularly enjoyed the little corner around the Bridge of Sighs (did they steal that from Venice?):

Street musicians, little coffee shops, art stores, streets without cars, and a yummy organic garden cafe’, in which I got my fill of freshly-squeezed juices and salads:


And then, stroll through a quiet neighborhood, next to the cliffline, through more grogeous flower parks:

And getting back to the bridge between Miraflores and Barranco just as the sun was going down (although, with this season of garua, it’s hard to call a sunset a seunset if one cannot actually see the sun… or Blood Moons, for that matter):


See all of those surfers that look like little ants?  Hah.

Tomorrow morning I leave to go volunteer at Eco Truly Park, a yoga/art/garden community for a couple of weeks.  And then, off to Cusco for a week (where I’ll be staying at a creperie!), and hikes up to Macchu Picchu, and then… open road, at which point the craziness and spontaneity will be much more appreciated.

I decided to devote this trip to well-being.  Mental and physical health.  Need to smooth out some tense muscles and reoccuring thoughts.

But now, off to eat a pound of mangoes and drink a bottle of wine (which is not as cheap as I though it would be down here… though cheaper than it costs to send a single letter, hah).  Not like I’m gonna lug it around with me tomorrow and weigh down my backpack…

Until next time, wherever and whenever that may be!


PS: After almost six beautiful, glorious years, my loyal camera has finally decided to stop working.  So, I grabbed my Mommy’s point-and-shoot camera right before I hopped on that plane… and am having the most frustratnig time ever with it as I try to figure it out.  So, please, patience.  Between that and no real editing programs on this little lappie, the photographer inside of me is cringing.  I do recommend clicking on thumbnails if you want to see anything (like sleeping cats) though.


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