Keep Austin Yummy and Cozy and Fun

April 7, 2014 § 2 Comments

First, let me say that I honestly did not expect to come back to Austin, TX this year.  And definitely not in this moment.  And now that I have been here a week… it feels like a drop of eternity, and I cannot imagine ever not being here.  It didn’t take long to trade the heeled ballerinas for flip flops, the cappuccinos for iced coffees, the opera playlists for some indie mix, and the walking with zooming around on my scooter.

Let me also say that I do, in some way that I cannot yet describe accurately, miss Italy and (almost) all that it is.  And, it was a little difficult adjusting to the rhythm of living back at home, and there were some things that I couldn’t help but cringe at when I saw them here.  But, mostly, it feels good to be back.

In a week, I have had countless coffee/tea/wine/margarita dates with a large and colorful assembly of all of my favorite people, seen two shows (one about Canadian famers and one an operatic musical about quantum physics), read half a dozen books, saw a friend’s first reading of her own play, gone to intimate theaters to see world-renown artists sing, had the most intense and breakthrough-y therapy talk, danced my heart out at various improv salsa sessions, took my first yoga class, biked around, took long walks through new neighborhoods and down dried-out creeks, and much, much more.

Such as being domestic and chopping up lots of veggies:

to make meals for family and friends, all of them to be enjoyed on the back porch:

The day’s biggest dilemma is deciding on a cuisine.  Such a selection here!  And in the end, I keep going back to my favorite European dishes- Italian and Greek:

Even if the two main staples of my diet since I have gotten here have been cider (wine, we need a break) and avocados (daily fresh, homemade guacamole– yes, please!):

And then it goes without saying that there have been all of the mandatory Tex-Mex outings:

In addition to playing with and stuffing my face with food, I have also splattered some paint to create a series of paintings for the house:

And wrote up a 40-page guide book about Austin, which inspired me to go revisit a lot of awesome nooks in the (512):

Austin Guide Book

I promise that I will put up a post from Austin that is actually about Austin, but for now I am still a little bit overwhelmed and disoriented by everything that is surrounding me here, and my thoughts are racing in a million different directions, but in a wonderfully passive way.  Since I was last here a year ago, I feel like Austin has gotten more full and I more empty.  But who can say who lost what and who gained what?

But for now it doesn’t matter.  For now, I am going to keep on enjoying running around barefoot, staying up until dawn,  re-visiting old memories, and creating new ones : )


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§ 2 Responses to Keep Austin Yummy and Cozy and Fun

  • Can’t wait to see your guide book. You make even Austin sound fun and exotic! So glad we got to talk!

    • Simba says:

      OH, believe me, me too, Miss Sandy!
      You have no idea (well, I guess I do, and I hope that most people do as well) how good it feels to feel good about feeling good. I’ve been re-examining this dilemma of mine on various occasions, and I keep finding so many other actions that have been reinforcing this pattern… oi!

      && Austin IS fun, much more so than my guide book makes it sound : )

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