Turkey, pt. II

March 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

I do not usually re-travel to places, especially with people that have never been there, but I had to make an exception this year.  So, I flew over to Istanbul for a couple of weeks to see an old friend, meet up with Mommy, and drag Mr. Italian there for his birthday weekend and celebrate with fish kebabs and cay.

The weather was mostly grey, but I did have several sunny days and it was never bitterly cold, so I cannot complain.  Days mainly consisted of walking through tiny alleys, stuffing my face (especially for breakfast), and pondering about life.  The last day was a little more exciting, when we accidentally arrived in Taksim Plaza in the middle of the protests/police riots and had to run away… only to arrive at our hotel and find the building in front of it in flames.

And even though my enthusiasm toward cities is drifting further and further away, I do always appreciate the Turkish skyline and its many colors (even in the middle of rain storms):

However, Istanbul takes second place compared to our two-day outing to Selcuk:

And the excursion to Ephesus:

And wine evenings in Sirince:

If interested, I put up the rest of the photos from the trip in the TURKEY section of the photography part of Elefantini!  Happy viewing~


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