Sunday Funday

February 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

This Sunday had a little bit of everything: a convent, stormy skies, exotic animals, and cous cous.  What more can you want from a day off (not that I have days on, but still)?

Woke up to sunny skies (this is treat after the past couple of months), so Mr. Italian and I drove over to abbadia di Fiastra, a monastery/natural reserve around Tolentino.  The grass was green and the skies were blue, and life was good:

At the end of the stroll, we ended up at an old farmhouse:

Abbadia di Fiastra Farm
, which had very lively hens and a loud donkey:

Then, the plan was to grab a bite to eat somewhere… which sounds like the most reasonable thing on earth, especially in Italy, right?  But not on a Sunday afternoon, because everything is closed.  Shoulda taken warning from the dark silhouette of the hilltop city (Macerata) from afar:

Instead, we proceeded forth and had another stroll, though this time around the abandoned town:

We then embarked upon a very roundabout country road back home, tummies growling and clouds starting to sprinkle.  Hope would have been lost, had it not been for a creepy circus sign that we saw from the road:

Which isn’t too appealing… but, behind, there was a pasture with all sorts of animals that were frolicking around.  And while, as a rule, I am opposed to circus animals, these guys didn’t seem too miserable.  So, we chilled with the zebras for a bit:

, and made fun of the camels (lovingly):

(but, c’mon… how can you not?!):

And then, it was time for cous cous and some art sketching:

Tummies full and creative juices flowing, the perfect way to tie up such a day was go see La grande bellezza, which an alternative theatre put back on the screen for this week.  Can’t believe that it took me so long to finally see this movie- I loved it, every single second of it!  Beautiful and inspirational- though to do what, I’m not quite sure.  Get back to writing that book?


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