Wild Flowers and Tame Sketches

February 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

As my house is getting completely remodeled (the stories never stop, but I will save them all for the Unveiling The New House post) this week, I am spending my time in Ancona.  Compared to the Milano metropolitan area, it’s practically summer here!  Jackets and sunshine, what a pleasure.

And, to make it feel even more spring-ish, Mr. Italian came home with a bouquet of flowers the other evening:

And I went out to buy mozzarella cheese yesterday, and instead got distracted by some more flowers, so the floral jungle in the household is growing:

Field Flowers 1
It’s been a while.  It makes me think of this time last year; when I was living in Austin and zooming around on my creaky, red bicycle  (or pale yellow scooter) with bunches of flowers stuffed (carefully) into the woven basket, and I would give them out to friends and strangers– because it’s very difficult not to smile when offered a flower.  Also, it always makes me feel, an eensy-teensy bit, like Cecilia from Atonement as she puts together flowers at the beginning of the movie.  Especially when I am barefoot.  Not sure why.

Anyways, this presence of flowers and sunny weather inspired my first character sketch:

Classical Gown
Looks like I have started the whole process of applying to Brera this year… which means that I need to come up with a design portfolio (as well as study the heck out of ‘general culture’ knowledge).  And, seeing as I just bought a three-month ticket to Argentina next month… I’m gonna whip out a lot of these costume sketches in the next few weeks, before I leave.  At least that’s the plan, fingers crossed.

Here is today’s head shot sketch:

Not sure how to theme them up yet… I was thinking of a book adaptation, but all of my favorite gothic novels have already been musical-ized.  So I’ll twiddle my thumbs a bit more and, until inspiration strikes, just keep doodling.

And now it’s time to grab a bottle of wine (or vodka, seeing as we are in Russia?) and enjoy these Olympic opening ceremonies.  Pure love!!


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