(rainy) Reggio nell’Emilia

February 4, 2014 § 1 Comment

This has been a rather full weekend: open days at Brera Academy, moving into a new house (or, at least moving my stuff into a new house, I follow in a couple of days), finding Indian restaurants, and driving back to Ancona like a couple of blind snails because it was raining and we were without the windshield wiper on the driver’s side because someone decided to break it off and then use it to break into the car and steal all of my housewarming presents.  Even duct tape  had its limits in this case.


But, this post will be dedicated to out pit stop in Reggio nell’Emilia- commonly referred to as Reggio Emilia, but today I will remain formal and follow the full spelling indicated on our road atlas.

Being a rainy Sunday evening, everything was closed and deserted:


But, somehow, it was still its own sort of cozy:


Probably because of all of the lighting in the city; warm and plentiful:


(present even on doorway directories:)


And then there were also a lot of pretty buildings with pretty architecture, so that helped too:

So we strolled around for a bit, with feet soaked and tummies empty, marveling at the glistening cobblestones:


and ooh-ing and aahing at the duomo:


, and then it was time to shuffle back to the car and continue our difficult drive down the autrostrada del Sole (hah!).  Upon arrival, we celebrated with special creations out of our favorite kitchen, an off-the-menu dessert of deliciousness, and a bottle of wine.  And then it was time to collapse into bed and curl up under several dozen layers of covers.


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