Il sacrifizio

January 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

After a week of negotiating life over long dinners, catching up with everyone that I have been neglecting lately, attempting to talk to people that I shouldn’t be talking to, and trying to come up with relatively-creative lesson plans for the 27 classes they crammed into the last two weeks of my teaching position… I needed a breather today.

It was a beautiful day: sunshine, blue skies, green grass, ice cream stands, and little kiddos zooming around on their little wooden bikes while dogs in jackets ran after them.

I tried to take a peaceful stroll through the park of Monza, but between the sounds of the F1 races in the background and the restless mind, it didn’t last long.  So… I came back home and holed myself up with a few cups of coffee, a few glasses of trebbiano, and a box of soy ice creams.  Put on some music and opened up the watercolors.

Still on the La Traviata streak, although this time, the sketch is inspired by the 2007 Fleming/Villazon/Bruson production.


Duet between Germont and Violetta:

Conosca il sacrifizio
Ch’io consumai d’amor
Che sarà suo fin l’ultimo
Sospiro del mio cor.

Premiato il sacrifizio
Sarà del vostro amor;
D’un opra così nobile
Sarete fiera allor.

I’m trying not to take the words personally.

Just kidding.  I’m over this heartbreak, but… I need another couple of dramatic verses to numb everything down completely.  Next sunny day though, I’ll be frolicking around outside too… unless the art inspiration calls, then it’s back to the chocolate and watercolors.


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