January 20, 2014 § 1 Comment

This Saturday, I skipped the Open Day at my school and went to Pavia for a meeting with all of the other language assistants of my program.  It was a very Italian-style meeting… mingling with others, a long coffee break, a lot of frilly thank-you‘s, a generous lunch buffet with many bottles of wine, and then a couple of offered tours of the city and university.  I think that if all work meetings were like this, the world would be a better place.  At least, there would be a lot more comradery between co-workers?

And while we talked a little bit about the educational system in Italy and some of its lacking character traits, you cannot argue that at least this diminishing interest in school takes place in beautiful buildings (for the most part).  Much like this meeting at the University of Pavia:


After the meeting and meal, I passed up the organized tours and instead did it Simba Style: getting lost and roaming around for a couple of hours under the drizzling rain.  It’s a quaint city, full of wet, cobblestoned streets:

, interesting architecture:

, colorful facades:

, some more rainy streets:

, a river that crosses the city:

, impressive churches (this one complete with a dead pigeon, but I think that it somehow adds some sort of mystique to the place? Not that I am partial to dead birds or anything, but this one seems to be okay):

, boarded up windows and doors:

, and a beautiful castle that currently has a Monet exhibition on display:

Then, it was time to come back to Monza and get ready for a fancy piano/dinner evening… at the end of which, I found the most perfect house in the world… in which I will apparently be living and painting in come the end of the month.   Huh, funny how life works and always comes together perfectly last-minute.  But, I’ll elaborate more on this in the next couple of posts : )


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  • Sue says:

    Ah that would be the almost perfect situation you mentioned!!! 🙂 Look forward to hearing more and congratulations on your number of followers! I’m on a whopping 61 😉 x

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