Elefantini Celebrates

January 18, 2014 § 4 Comments


On one hand, I feel a little bit ridiculous celebrating this, but on the other hand it gave me such a nice surprise this morning, that I will swallow my upmost humble nature (well, that was pretty easy…) and go ahead and celebrate with a glass of tempranillo– mostly because I finally found a bottle of non-Italian wine at the local supermarket and I feel better justifying the generous glass I just poured myself with a toast.

Thus: here’s to 500 followers on Elefantini!

Thank you all for your support, comments, messages, friendships, and all of that fluffy stuff.  I feel flatted, a little flabbergasted, and full of love for you all.  When I first started scribbling stuff on this little blog, I never imagined I would be getting messages from all over this world.  And they always make my day, so please keep them coming!  Thank you all for sharing me, encouraging me, and taking the time to read what I write.

In honor of this historical event (if future Elefantini timelines should ever be), I give you a Top Sixteen (I will refrain from doing a Top 500) of some of my favorite memories from some of my favorite places from the last couple of years.  Cheers to all of the adventures that have been, and I am more than ready for the next batch of crazy ideas and beautiful places!

COSTA RICA: deserted (and not so deserted) beaches, volcanic spas in the middle of the night, horseback riding, and endless margeritas.

best stroll of my life : )


CLIFFS OF MOHER, IRELAND: an experience that made me feel really, really, really small.
Cliffs of Moher Ireland
GREEK ISLANDS: cliffs, sunsets, sunrises, water, sky, repeat.


BAVARIA: between the mountains, the little, sleepy villages, forests, castles, and delicious German food, this is always a good region to be in.


KAUAI, HAWAII: sunrise and sunset over the water, horseback riding along the shore and mountains, long hikes to waterfalls, and sand, sand, sand (and coffee!).

who would have thought that I would find so much satisfaction and peace in the middle of some Texan desert, after all of those years of me complaining that there is nothing in Texas?

SWISS MOUNTAINS: even though I have not passed much time in Switzerland, if you look at all of the times that I have driven through it, the adventures add up to a very impressive amount, with all sorts of oddities.


SAN FRANCISCO: I’m not usually enamored by cities, but there’s a couple of exceptions.  Like this one.


NICE, FRANCE (AND SURROUNDING AREAS): the city itself is colorful and fun enough (especially when you meet the natives and run into a school trip and find yourself in the midst of your former classmates), but the vineyards in the surrounding hills and the little villages scattered nearby are even more magical.


UKRAINE: a sense of stepping into a different place and time that I have very rarely experienced.


ROMANIA: impossible to pick between the beautiful landscapes, the cozy towns, the colorful graveyards, the vampire nooks, the forested mountains, the roadside stands… it’s all magical.


SARAJEVO: it’s interesting to see how the past is living with the present, and how close we are to the past, and how the present is changing into the past.  That, and the valley location and all of the food booths and stray animals and culture… difficult city to leave.


SALZBURG: I don’t think that there is any other city that I return to as much as this one.  And every time it is for a completely different experience, and every time it is special.


ISTANBUL: if you find a word to adequately describe this hustle of a city, please let me know.


ITALY: duh. (fell in love hard)

Passetto 6

Well, if that didn’t get the wanderlust going…

Think it might just be time to throw on that red backpack again and sail off into some new horizon… I’m missing the water, and I’m ready to hear a new language.


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