Istanbul, Turkey

January 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

To take a breather from all of the Italian landscapes and sand-colored buildings, I’m diving into my folder of travels and presenting you all with snapshots from my trip to Istanbul a couple of years ago.  I don’t usually pull out old stuff, and I’m not sure how this was inspired, but… ecco:

The trip itself was grand and completely improvised; hopped onto a ferry in Ancona with a backpack, some cardboard, and a thick Sharpie, and then hitchhiked/strolled/hopped from Split to Istanbul- with no lack of adventures inbetween the two places.  Such as hippie communities in the middle of nowhere in Croatia, getting jammed in the back of mushroom trucks, and some shady characters.

If possible, Istanbul was even more invigorating and overwhelming for the senses than the trip getting there (which is saying a lot).  Definitely the most disorienting place that I have ever been to.  After I was deposited at the bus terminal at 5 AM, I had no idea which way to turn- and I wasn’t even in the city yet!

If you have been there, I think that you can agree that it is a city that is very difficult to leave- both physically and mentally.  The friends that I made, the crazy, stupid things that I did, and the things that I saw and learned will never leave me though.  Thus… I raise my cup of sparkly wine to Istanbul:

If you like what you see, I created an Istanbul section in the photography part of the website.  Go check it out; share your thoughts!


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