New Year’s Trip

January 5, 2014 § 1 Comment

After my dive into southern Italy for Christmas, I took a pit stop in Ancona to pick up Mr. Italian and then we zoomed back up north.  An evening in Monza to repack and revisit museums, and then off to Salzburg to set up camp for New Years.

After considering every sort of route up north, we decided to drive up through Switzerland.  Good choice- felt like we were driving through a winter wonderland.  Finally felt like Christmas!


Took a break in a random little village to freeze our toes and throw around some snowballs:

And then crossed over into Austria, stocked up on flavoured sparkly water, and rolled on into Germany.  Afternoon break in Memmingen, which was a quaint little city with sit-down bakeries (REAL COFFEE!) and large Christmas bells made out of yarn:

Another pitstop in Rosenheim to fill our tummies with gluehwein (from a Mexican restaurant, of all places…), and then into Austria.  Mr. Italian’s friend lives there and left us with her house while she went off elsewhere… very cozy little mountain cabin with a Christmas tree inside that was three times as tall as me:

Evening walk through Salzburg to start our Austrian adventures.  Loved all of the Christmas decorations, especially around the romantic bridge filled with love locks:


First day we took a stroll through Hallein (Celtic museums and salt mines) and then a stroll around Fuschlsee:

There we found llamas:


Next day, Austrian scenery:

and New Years (crazy Salzburgers!  We watched it from the top of the mountain and it felt like a war zone):

Then, a day at the amazing Therme Geinberg … a day full of thermal baths, swimming in the middle of snowy landscapes in steaming water, nakkid spas, and hammam rooms.  Lovely break from the cold 🙂

Then, a couple more strolls around Salzburg (during which I stocked up on canvases and carried a dozen big ones throughout the entire city…):

Return day started out with a long morning at the Munchen zoo (loved it!).  Some of my favorite animals were the baboon (but how ugly can you be?), the flamingo clouds, the penguins that didn’t move, the lion (always), the rhino (senza horn), and then majestic pelican:

Then, afternoon cake stop in Landsberg am Lech:


, where we had one more fiery sunset:


Then, off to Ravensburg (yup, Board Game City) for duck/dumpling/red cabbage dinner:


And then driving through four countries in four hours (Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy) to collapse into bed at 2 AM.  After a few hallucinations (from sleep deprivation and Long Drives Syndrome), some crazy driving, and running out of gas (seriously, there’s, like… five gas stations in all of Switzerland?), it was time to call it a day 🙂

There’s a lot more pictures from the trip.  If you’re interested, check them out at the photography album!


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