Il pianista

December 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

Word for the month: il piano.

It’s everywhere.

It all started when I went to a piano/violin concert with my Adopted Italian Grandma, who also happens to be Monza’s classical music guru and distributor of tickets to all of the hoppin’ events in the region.  In short, a crazy little lady that I am very, very grateful to have met.  She offered me an extra ticket to the Martha Argerich/Gidon Kremer concert at the conservatorio in Milano (SO GOOD) a couple of weeks ago.  There, I met a very talented young pianist that just happens to live ten steps down the street from me… which means, lots of rehearsals that I can sit in on and musically rejuvenate myself.

And then, it just kind of seemed to take over.  From coincidentally reading il pianista, to having checked out all of the cello/piano recordings from the library, to the Einaudi concert that I bought tickets for months ago… it seems that life really wants me to enjoy this instrument for the time being.

I’m okay with that.

So, today’s doodle is dedicated to just that- il pianista.


The most significant thing about this sketch is that is made me realize just how much I miss my art supplies.  I don’t have anything up here in Monza with me other than a little box of watercolors.  I tried to use my Ink Pen Designated For School And Emergencies to scribble in some shading, but it ran out of ink halfway through.  Which at least gives me a good stopping point for tonight, I guess.

Thus, a trip to the art store is officially going up on the calendar- if I manage to find an empty slot away from il piano, that is ; )


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