Enzo Archetti

December 4, 2013 § 2 Comments

While in Venice last week, I stumbled upon many, many amazing artists in galleries, exhibitions, and leftover displays from the biennale.  Thus, time to share the discoveries.

The first artist that caught my eye was Enzo Archetti (1947-), a contemporary painter from Brescia.  All of the paintings that I have seen from him were large renditions of faces with bold strokes of color and incorporated fabric, yet is seems that he has done various series with various subjects.  I remain most enthusiastic about the portraits, although that may be because it’s the brushstrokes and layers that I have seen personally and thus recall the composition with more presence than the other thumbnails.

E la gente va

According to his biography, Enzo developed an interest in art in his later high school years, although he studied lettere at university.  He then frequented the Accademia Carrara di Bergamo for drawing and etching.  Painting he never formally studied, though that is his current preferred media: oil, acrylic, fresco, collage… whichever the media and method, the style is easy to recognize.

Enzo claims that he views art as a language through which he can express himself to others, and through time, this depiction shifted from the realistic to the abstract.  Incorporating ideas of the past, music, musings, and travel, Enzo has by now learned that he is not the one with a message.  Rather, it is the art that has something to tell, and he is merely the body used to express the sentiment.

His latest series is entitled E la gente va (‘and the people go’), which consists of 66 pieces depicting the metaphorical journey of man, from sunrise to sunset and beyond.  In short, it is a series about movement, about life being played out on an open-air stage.

E la gente va2
Regardless of his philosophy, there is something captivating in his paintings, something that lures you in and refuses to let you walk away without a thorough examination of every corner.

Check out more of Enzo Archetti’s art on his webpage here.


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