Mid-Week Weekend in Venezia

December 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

I love living in Monza, but often I miss the water.  This week found me feeling melancholic and thoughtful in general, so I decided to plunge into the mood and, at the same time, satisfy my craving for a little bit of acqua.  In other words, I finished up with lessons at one o’clock on Wednesday, and instead of heading back to the house, I went to the train station and jumped on a train to Venice.  Stayed there for three days and fully succumbed to the old-time inspiration.


Upon arriving there, it was already dark.  So, I took the long route around the perimeter of the island until I got to the heart of Venezia’s art district, and then proceeded to check into my hotel.

I’ve been in Venice a few times before, but this was the first time that I got to enjoy it by myself in a solo hotel room.  It was perfect, down to the tacky blue Italian wallpaper.  Big bed, big desk, big bathtub, a long-and-narrow balcony overlooking a secluded canal, and a breakfast buffet every morning (and not just those papery brioche and plain biscotti, nuh-uh!  Two different types of eggs, meats, cheeses, and too many different types of sweet cakes).  It goes without saying that before long I had converted the desk into my temporary art studio and opened up the wine (this is the first time that I bought a carton instead of a bottle, but who wants to lug around glass for an hour through alleys with dead ends?)


The rest of the time I merely walked around and tried to get lost and observed laundry drying and watched sunsets and thrived on the delightfulness that is Venice.  I don’t care how cliché it sounds; this is the most magical city in the world for me.

I did finally manage to go check out the Peggy Guggenheim museum, which I highly recommend.  Especially now, as there is a temporary exhibit about the avant-garde movement in France, which was a cherry on top of the icing for me.

In the evening, I went to go so Anne Sofie von Otter, a classical Swedish vocalist, sing French chansons at La Fenice to piano and accordion accompaniment.

It wasn’t until I got home and unrolled my dinner (prosciutto from Parma, mozzarella from the south, and some local wine) while perched on the balcony and staring up at the stars, with the soft lapping of the water below me, that I realized that it was Thanksgiving.  Not a shabby alternative.

Also, I cannot believe that this was the first time that I discovered the Rialto market in Venice!  How is this possible?  Nonetheless, it was a delight to walk through all of the stalls of sea critters and listen to the merchants yell out their offers.


All too soon… it was time to head back to Monza.  But, upon arriving, I found the Christmas lights lit and the next day greeted me with the season’s first snowfall… so, not a bad thing to come back to.




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