Super Weekend #2 (Cellos on Loop, Foggy Lakes, Dinner in Switzerland, and the usual Spontaneous Road Trip)

November 19, 2013 § 1 Comment

Another 4-day weekend with Mr. Italian, another success.  I am rather fond of the fact that it is so easy to have an adventure here- yes, I know, adventure is possible anywhere, it’s merely a mindset… but, with surroundings and events like these, it all just seems to fall into your lap.

Saturday consisted of morning classes, delayed cappuccinos, and noontime art gallery exhibitions in unusual buildings in the middle of Monza:

, and homemade lunches concistign of cipolla, zucchine, and funghi:

Then, a magical evening stroll through the parco di Monza, in which the huge full moon rose as the fog fell to produce fairytale settings:

Then, a Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons, Paolo Sorrentino) concert at the Villa Reale.  Absolutely entrancing loop cello music inside a beautiful theatre- and an unlimited wine/nibbles aperitivo reception beforehand:

And, to finish off the day, margheritas and peach iced tea at a cozy café (for I have finally found the Road of Cozy Restaurants in Monza):


Sunday was lazy brunches at home and then an excursion to Lago di Como, this time to all of the little nooks and finishing up in Bellagio.  After a surprise show of sunshine on Satruday, Sunday brought back cloudy skies…. yet the thick fog added a magical, ethereal atmosphere:

And then, we were going to play board games in Bergamo but instead started craving struedel…. so we crossed over into Swizterland (without passports, to keep in the mood of adventure) and drove around for a bit until we found an open non-Italian restaurant (tip: do not go looking for food on Sunday evening in Chiasso.  It does not exist.)  Then, we enjoyed our very-expensive-and-delicious Swiss food:

, and waved our way through the mountains back to Monza.

Monday (both of us off) started out with the Lombardian pastries that I have been withholding from Mr. Italian all weekend, and then we hopped into the car, direzione Brescia.  After lunch with friends, the rest of the road trip back down to Ancona was rather quiet and rainy, dreary and gray.  Although we did take a break in Mòdena for a couple of hours, where we re-energized with food, gluehwein from the winter stands, and teas from travel cafés:


And then, late-night beach strolls in Senigallia, early-morning breakfasts in Ancona, and a walk along the Passetto (although high above the cliffs this time) to assess the damage that the storms have done the past week to the coastline of Italy.  Water decidedly calmer now, but water level still high:


And now, time to hop onto the Frecciarosa back to Milano and stick my nose into some more Italian literature as the water horizon changes into hills, then flatness, then the tall buildings of the indutry that is Northern Italy.  Alla prossima, Ancona.


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