Desio Train Station

November 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have been spending a lot of time of trains lately- pretty much on a daily basis.

Yet this is a different train use than usual.  Usually, I link trains to long journeys, exotic places, crazy adventures, strange friends, friendly strangers, and my little blue suitcase.  Now, however, trains are my main mean of transportation (other than a piedi) and operate on a much smaller scale.


When I lived in Desio, I would take the train every day to get to work in the next village over, and then again to come back.  Now that I live in Monza I use it to hop over to Milano whenever the afternoon is free.  It seems almost more like an extended metro system than a train.


Until you arrive at the Milano Greco Pirelli station at midnight:thirty and gaze out of the skyline against the trail rails while waiting for the next train.  Or you take the train from Milano Centrale and you feel almost silly using it to merely hop over to the next city.


Yet this particular entry is devoted to the train station at Desio.  It was quaint, and I miss the surprise of seeing the Alps against the horizon every morning, with the  tracks that disappear into that line between ground and mountain and sky.  And the buzz of Milano in the other direction.


Ciuf ciuf!


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