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Today, into the time machine.

I was clearing out my memory card today when I stumbled upon some stuff I had not yet seen.  The couple of days after my return to Ancona from Herzegovina and before my move to Lombardia were a blur, and, as a consequence, I never showed off my twelve-hour layover in Spalato.

I took the Ancona-Spalato ferry route a lot this summer.  There are many blaring similarities between the two port cities; the port itself, the tourist port, the park on top of a big hill, the being surrounded by water, the coastal restaurants, the advertisements for transportation, and the packs of day visitors.  And yet, despite all of the parallels, Spalato has used its resources to have an efficiently economic and inviting atmosphere while Ancona continues to stand empty on the Adriatic Sea.  Pity.

Thus, while a piece of my heart will always remain in Ancona, I thoroughly encourage you to spend your day in Spalato if you have a few extra hours around your ferry.  It’s a picturesque port city with colorful flowers:


, outdoor markets:


, narrow alleys:


, clear waters:


, waterside promenades:


, a juxtaposition of old buildings and palm trees:


, some more water:


, and incoming storm:


, a park on the edge of a cliff,


, and cats:


Everywhere, cats:

So, I took a stroll through all of the little streets, hiked up to the top of the hill/mountain/park, ate a lot of cheap-and-good food, made friends with four-pawed fuzzy critters, stocked up at the market, and then boarded my ferry to sail off into the sunset:


In conclusion, Spalato’s a nice town.

… however, my heart continues to skip every time that I approach the Italian coast on the other side.  With sunsrises (and water spouts!) like these, how can it not?


Ah, Ancona.



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