Monolocale a Monza

October 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Ah, life.  Is good, good, good.  There’s sunshine and fall colors everywhere:


But even more exciting:

Today, I moved into my own studio apartment in Monza and found out that my teaching position is going to last until end of May… with the January-May portion in the very heart of Milano, at a high school called Leonardo da Vinci.  Right now I’m working at Leone… definitely some kind of good-luck-leon-thing going on, and I like it.

Anyways… I lasted with the host family a month.  And while I will miss the free-ride at the villa, the bags of fresh, organic food delivered to the door every day, the amusing cleaning lady, the Italian practice, and the underground cellar of free wine… I am very excited to officially have my own unofficial solo lease in Italy.  It’s been a while since I have had my own space.

So, now it’s time to for my vie bohème in Italia.  Meaning, lack of internet, trying to afford Lomardian prices for foodstuffs, and figuring out exactly how to balance a crate of sparkling water, paper towels, and a roasted chicken while lugging them home from the supermarket.  Because that’s what I did today to celebrate the move: I bought a greasy, roasted chicken, a chocolate pie, and a bottle of wine… and indulged until only a few bones remained.  In pj’s and fuzzy socks.  While blasting sappy Italian songs on the radio (which I have not done in a long time, actually, thank you very much).  It felt wonderful.

I love the place; cozy.  I believe that it used to be a convent, and they converted it into a sort of complex.  In other words, there is a little courtyard, a gate that separates it from the street, and a cute picnic terrace on Level 1.5 of the structure:

I also have a patio.  And a garden behind that:


And wooden ceilings:


And orange walls:



And a place to put all of my art books:


And a cute bathroom with a bathtub:


Speaking of which… I think it’s time to get on with the second half of the Moving In Celebrations: candles, bubble bath soap, and a jar of Lindt hazelnut chocolate spread (not the same thing as Nutella).  Oggi, la dolce vita.


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