October 18, 2013 § 2 Comments

I have been living in Desio for 19 days now, and today is the first time that I took a stroll around the town.  Every day I make a brisk walk between the house and the train station (and from the train station to the house), but the route isn’t too scenic.  Desio is a small town; one main street and a couple of side roads.  Today’s To Do list included checking out the sights.

Which there aren’t many of, I learned.  Although I was surprised by the couple of reasonably decent cafe’s and several fresh fruit stores.

Other than that… the town seems a combination of locked gates, vines, and autumn-y colors.

For example, this is Gate #1:


And this is Gate #2:

Here’s #3:


Part of #4:


And a close-up of #5:


There’s about 183,482 other gates in this city (rough estimate), but I’ll spare you the rest.  Instead, let me show you an example of the vines we have around here:


Here’s another example:


And another one:


And this photo combines both of Desio’s favorite things:



(and, just to make this seem slightly more like a civilized town, here’s a picture of the duomo.  very out-of-place with the vines and locked rust gates:)


It wasn’t a very long walk.  So, afterwards, I compiled a photography album of my photos on Elefantini, for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy and spread the beauty that is Italy/Europe/life!


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