Parco di Monza

October 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

One of the cool things about Monza is that is has a park.  And not just any park.  The fourth largest walled park in Europe (after Phoenix Park in Dublin, Richmond Park in London, and La Mandria of Venaria Reale).  It has an area of 688 hectares… and I briefly tipped my toes into it today, for the first time.

Clearly, I have a lot more exploring to do.

But, the sun was shining (for the first time in Monza since I arrived here at the end of September), so I celebrated with a stroll in the early evening.  Also, I wanted to have a romantic autumn-leaf phone call, which, it being Italy, did not work, at all.  But, at least the brief stroll was successful.

The sun was shining:

Parco di Monza7

The lake was gleaming:

Parco di Monza5

There were plenty of unpaved paths:

Parco di Monza6

There were playgrounds:

Parco di Monza3

There was mud to play in:

Parco di Monza1

There were people with bicycles:

Parco di Monza

There were unexpected buildings:

Parco di Monza2

There was graffiti:

Parco di Monza4

And then, on the way back to the train station, there was Monza:


Home sweet home.


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