Art, Art, Art!

October 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Have I mentioned yet how much I love Milano?

Today, I had a culturally-fulfilling day.  I stopped by Brera to receive some enrollment information, but the secretary is open only two hours a day, so… that didn’t work very well (although,at this point, I have a mindset called You Need At Least 4 Visits To Accomplish Anything In Italy, so, no biggie).  Instead, I poked my nose into various nooks of the university and then wandered off to look for art.

First, I learned that Armani has a lot of different store branches; such as ArmaniHouse and ArmaniBooks.  Which is a pretty amazing bookstore, with thousands of art books, mostly devoted to fashion (history, designers, world).  Yet there are a few other types of art books- all of them beautiful and new and actually affordable.  So, I picked up a couple of treasures and had the heavy pleasure of lugging a fancy, black Armani bag around Milan for the rest of the day.  Probably the only time I’ll ever be able to brag about that.


Outside of the shop was a group of artists sketching one of the monuments/buildings…. I passed by here three times today, and the piazza was always full of people sketching that same box.  Hmm.

And then I went to one of the most memorable ‘art shows’ that I have had the privilege to attend.  Located at the Palazzo Morando, this two-story display consists of:

First floor: La moda nella musica di Verdi

In other words, several rooms full of large photographs of various Verdi operas (mostly from La Scala and the Teatro Regio di Parma), while Verdi music plays overhead.  In other words, this exhibition of costume and set designs in opera as arias float through the air was pretty much my interpretation of heaven:


Second Floor, A: Costume Moda (with Valentina Cortese)

Dozens of rooms filled with historical fashion displays; everything from silk kimonos given to Italian nobility to parasols and jewelry.  Very comprehensive and rich assortment of fashion, costumes, and images from the era of fancy frills and flow-y fabrics.  So many different styles and colors and textures and trinkets- and no glass separating you from these gems!


Second Floor, B: Le Maschere: Identita’ nascoste

A thorough history of masks in theatre.  Puppets, old sketches, and boxlight-artwork included.  It was interesting to trace the role of the mask from the initial black-and-white prints to colored renditions to three-dimensional displays.  The il pochoir corner was the cherry on top.

And then I went to see the Jackson Pollock exhibition at the Palazzo Reale.  I just prepared a series of lectures about the artist and abstract expressionism for the kids at Dehon, and I was happy to see that all of the artwork that I plan to talk about has been included in this exhibition (I need to pick the most fun– er, suitable- art show for the end-of-semester art trip)… as well as some of the old scans and videos that I included in my PowerPoint.  Score.


The exhibition itself was put together very well.  Probably the most professional presentation of anything that I have seen in Italy.  From the art arrangement to the various media to lighting and space composition (not to mention the actual paintings) this show is definitely worth a visit if you get the chance.

Fulfilling day for the artistic soul : )


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