Around Brianza

October 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

This morning:  two government lessons and one mythology/iconography/art lecture.

This afternoon:  A giro around Desio, to acquaint myself with the general orientation of Brianza- the part of Lombardia, north of Milano.


Driving around the region in a car for the first time, I realized how much I miss the colors and slopes of le marche.  The land here is more filled- with villages, cars, roads.  And while I really like the sleepy German-y feel of the little towns, I also miss the wide open spaces (and sea!) of my last Italian region.  BUT… I did see a great place today: Montevecchia.


After driving through green, flat fields for a while, there is a tall hill that juts out in the middle of the landscape.  Montevecchia, in the province of Lecco, is located inside the Parco regionale di Montececchia e della Valle di Curone.  In other words, it’s surrounded by green and walking trails.  But the most amazing part is the surprise factor that you get as you begin the climb up the hill.  As soon as the road loops around the other side, you see- instead of the flatlands that you have been driving through for half an hour- looming mountains with jagged peaks and white tips.


Looking out from one side of the hill is flatness and the industrial blobs of cities like Milan.  Looking out in the opposite direction, it’s nature and the beginning of the Alps.  What a contrast!


There are also stray cats in the hilltop town, which I have not seen in a couple of weeks:


And vineyards.  Not a high volume of production, but this wine has a good reputation throughout Italy:


And orange-colored houses in front of the stepped vineyards:


On the way home, we looped to the north a little bit and stopped by a secluded place near Merate, on the Adda River.  It was quaint: primitive ferries, walking paths that stretch for kilometers from north to south, little boats, swans, and cheery kids feeding the ducks.

Fiume Adda

Next time that I get a break from creating lessons plans and devouring exhibitions, I know which direction to head out of the house : )


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