Being Posh in Villas

October 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

My chapter in Lombardia is all about new experiences: first teaching job, living with a host family, daily train commutes, Milano excursions, and…. the garden club.  Even better: being the night’s official photographer at a Garden Club soirée.


My Host Mum is the president of the Garden Club in Monza.  Today was their annual event, in collaboration with the garden peeps of Milano.  It consisted of three (very wealthy) speakers, an award for the “most notable gardener” of the year (this year, it was a woman who studies and cuts down trees), and a cocktail buffet for mingling at the end.


The event took place at a very fancy villa built in the 17th century; I’m not big on old, fancy buildings with fabric-wallpaper and dark paintings and huge chandeliers made out of Venetian glass, but… this building was pretty neat.  Especially with the sprawling gardens in the back, I felt like a (very under-dressed) Miss Bennet running around a misty English estate.


This villa is practically adjacent to one of Berlusconi’s villas… and we needed a few floral arrangements as decoration for the event.  So, what do the dear, old ladies do?  They run over to… er, discreetly pick some from the estate next door.  I approve.

I imagined the event to be much more boring and stifling than it actually was.  Never did I think I would listen to a two-hour lecture about a single garden… but, it was actually pretty interesting- even mildly entertaining.

Not that I have developed a passion for pretty flowers and weird twigs; I’ll stick with my hunt for dance and music lessons.  However, it was fun to mingle with interesting Italian people, stuff my face with multiple plates of various goodies from the buffet, gulp down a lot of bubbly drinks, and warm up next to a real fire (today’s rainy cold front made the temperature drop 10 degrees C in one hour):


So… there’s another thing that I can check off my Life List.  And in the process, I made a new friend: a fellow eccentric photographer.  We’re gonna study roses together- if the rain clouds ever roll away:



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