Milano Outing #3

October 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

You know it’s not going to be the best day when it takes you five attempts to make a cup of coffee- and the one that you finally settle on still has a layer of black coffee grinds floating on top of the not-hot-enough soy milk.

Next time I will listen to my coffee and not be too ambitious.

In my mind, the only logical conclusion for any day off school is Milano Day.  So, that’s what I did.  I had bad coffee and greasy cookies for breakfast and then hopped on the train (after a long wait because I just missed the previous train, of course).  I’ll spare the long list of Things That Did Not Go Well today, and instead just put up more-mainstream-than-usual photos of today.

Mainly, I just walked around in circles (with big radii)  and admired fruity statues:


, pretended to be a trolley and followed the cable lines:


, ducked into little alleys and nooks when a cloud-less rainstorm swept through the city:

, befriended pigeons:


, saw the Duomo in daylight for the first time:

, saw a man carve fishes and flowers out of vegetables:


, crossed at red lights (a lot):


, zig-zagged through streets after the rain:


, and tried to finish the day on a good note with a glass of wine by the fountains on top of a fancy piazza:

, but instead just ended up breaking the teapot that I bought, got the most schifoso snack selection imaginable, and had a drama story with a couple of the white-tied bartenders there.

Time to brew a cup of herbal tea, put on fuzzy socks, and crawl under the covers.  A domani.


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