Good Morning, Milano!

October 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Every time that the train from Desio pulls into the P. Garibaldo train station in Milan, I just want to erupt into ‘Good Morning Baltimore!’ (er, ‘Milano’!) and prance through the streets.


I absolutely love this city!  It would be embarrassing for me to admit into how many objects I ran into yesterday- poles, trees, other people, dogs, ducks – because I was staring open-mouthed up and around and everywhere except where I was going.  But that’s alright; I am thoroughly enjoying my position as a safety hazard in Milano.

With this wide-eyed sense of wonder comes an utter lack of directional orientation.  Yesterday was Milano Excursion #2, and I wanted to walk from the train station to Brera, an artsy, bohemian neighborhood.  Instead, I walked in the opposite direction for a little bit…. which I am not sad about because I stumbled into il Libraccio; a (mostly) used book store completely packed with books.  And what a selection!  So many art, graphic, design, fashion, media, literature books!  I finally fulfilled my life-long fantasy of gliding through bookcases on a tall, sliding ladder and singing (quietly, of course… it is a bookstore, after all) under my breath and pretending to be Belle:

Then I walked through the Giardini Montanelli, a lovely park with autumn colors, a great saxophone player, and fish that are bigger than the ducks waddling around:

Across the street from the park was the Modern Art Museum… which turned out to not be very modern at all, and with no logical sense of organization.  But, there were some great pieces and a wall dedicated to Toulouse-Lautrec (pretty much the best surprise I could find in an art museum), so I was pretty content.  Of course, I walked through the museum the opposite direction you’re supposed to… so I didn’t see the ‘No Photography’ signs until I was exiting.  Your gain:

Then I looped back around to meet up with a friend for my first buffet-style aperitivo.  On the way, I saw a pretty impressive costume store with lots of glitters and textures and all-over-the-world styles (for you Austin folk: this place puts Lucy’s to shame).  I think I found where I will be buying all of my clothing from now on:


After a couple of glasses of wine and spritzes, we headed over to the Puccini Theatre to see a modern ballet performance by the Marseille Ballet (part of the MILANoLTRE).  The second piece completely blew my mind and gave me nightmares; it was awesome(ly creepy), and I loved every second of it.

To pull me back to Italian reality, I spend an hour and a half waiting for my return train at the central station (how does a train have a half hour delay from its departure station, for no reason?) and then took a brisk walk through a grey drizzle at midnight back to the host family.  But, until I get back onto the train with a DESIO sign on the front of it, I am walking on the clouds that are the sidewalks of Milano : )


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