10 Corso Como

October 2, 2013 § 4 Comments

Today, I discovered my new favorite place in the world: 10 Corso Como.


Right around the corner of the P. Garibaldi train station (the train from Desio, my little village, conveniently takes me there in 25 minutes) in Milan is a cafe’/garden/exhibition space/rooftop lounge/bookstore/art gallery/wine bar that completely stole my heart.  After half a year of all of the stereotypical Italin nooks, my soul has been crying for something with a little more ‘design’.  I found it!

The first floor has little garden nooks, a souvenier shop, and a chic interior dining space:


And then comes the good stuff.  On the first floor, there is the most amazing art bookshop that I have ever seen in my life, anywhere in the world.  There are books about every single aspect of interesting art: fashion, design, illustration, photography, everything.  In many different languages.  AND there are funky chairs scattered all over the room (including floating plastic bubble chairs), which means that you can actually sit and flip through pages for hours and hours:


On this floor is also a one-room display of Madame Delvaux’s Belgium bags.  Very cute!

And around the corner is my favorite part: the exhibition space.

Fancy, professional, but simple, with great music and lighting and atmosphere.  Currently showing is an exhibition entitled ‘Bold, Beautiful, and Damned’, which features Tony Viramontes’ work.   I absolutely fell in love with this American-Mexican fashion/beauty illustrator.  What energy and form and sense of line!  So inspirational and refreshing in all of this heavy, traditional Italian classical art that surrounds you on a daily basis.

And, up one more set of spiral staircases, is the other icing gem of this place:  the rooftop garden.


An inner courtyard in the middle of Milan, this cozy spot is artsy and elegantly kitsch, while surrounded by towering modern Milanese architecture.  It was also deserted all day; I could hide for hours up here with a glass of wine and my laptop.

This was my first afternoon trip to Milan; spontaneous and absolutely perfect in every way- especially in the stumble-into-a-random-building-and-be-blown-away category.  I also met up with a friend, a fellow language assistant teacher (we sat in the same class in Austin a few months ago, and now look at us!), and had the opportunity to rant and swoo and ramble and catch up on life over a glass of wine.   That’s pure happiness right there.

I have a feeling that every centesimo that I will earn from this job is going to be spent here.  And I’m perfectly okay with that.


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