Business Trip (the fun kind)

September 13, 2013 § 5 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I stayed at a cozy hostel in Mostar run by Almir and his family.  He asked me if I could create a website for him.  I said yes.  Upon coming back to Italy, I felt utterly disoriented and the very opposite of inspired.  So, I jumped on a ferry and went back to Mostar for a couple of days to take photos of the hostel/surroundings (find what I was missing):

After looking at sparkly trinkets,


sketching the bridge for an afternoon (and watching a divers jump off it),


poking my head into various courtyards,


skipping around after a rainstorm,


watching qualifying soccer games against Slovakia (BiH won and the entire eastern half of the city celebrated with more enthusiasm in the plaza than I have ever seen in my life) (though the tension between the two sides of the city continues as people from the ‘Croatian’ side snuck over and burned the Bosnian flag, after which the riot police got involved) ((but that didn’t stop the celebrations lasting long into the night)),


dipping my feet in the cold river,


strolling through little alleys in search of the next pastry,


and sharing some more Bosnian coffee with new friends,


I feel like I can adequately start to put together this site and reflect the spirit of the place.

Hey, maybe one day, when I get tired of living in Italy and decide to wander around the world again, I can do this.  Stay at hostels for free in exchange for websites.  Build a portfolio, make friends all over the globe, AND get to see all of the nooks that I want to see.  Travel as a currency instead of money.  Not a bad concept, huh?

Especially when the terrain is a spectacular as in this corner of the world.


Spalato to Mostar, high above the Croatian ccoast.

And now, time to put on Albinoni’s Adagio and start designing logos.


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