S’Wonderful (S’ what I love to see!)

September 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

This weekend deserves about a dozen separate posts, so that I can dedicate an appropriate amount of story-time and photo-sharing for each event.  But, life’s pulling me in other directions tonight, and thus I am forced to give a “47 Seconds Weekend Summary”:

San Leo3

Saturday was devoted to lazy mornings and then a spontaneous car hop to San Leo, which is a rocky citadel that lies near the border of the Le Marche and Emilia-Romagna regions.  It looks ominous and tough from the outside, but inside the fortified city walls is a lovely, warm, and colorful town with a 360-degree panorama of breathtaking mountains, fields, and horizon lines.

After a full afternoon of trotting around fortresses and piazzas and dramatic churchgrounds, the party moved to San Marino.  This endearing city was, in short, awesome (also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, these 61 km2 form their own microstate surrounded completely by Italy).  Like a multi-level labyrinth and battleground for the His Dark Materials adventures.

San Marino 2

Sunday morning was devoted to a baptism inside a steamy church (ruthless Italian sun), followed by lunch on the seaside and a stroll through artisan markets in Porto Recanati.  Wanting to spice things up, Mr. Italian and I hopped over to Recanati for an after-lunch dessert, but found the city bathed in an eerie stillness, without the slightest hint of life:


So, instead, we drove through pretty vineyards:

Marche Vineyards

And pretty dried-up-sunflower fields:

Marche Countryside

And discovered and took a stroll around Le Marche’s Official Monument:

Before heading over to Camerano to finish the weekend off with the last day of the Festa del Rosso Conero, a wine festival dedicated to the immediate area’s vineyards (there’s a lot of them, and they’re all really, really good).  In addition to a few dozen wine stands, there were several stages for music shows, magic performances, and other spectacles.  Ss well as regional food tents, stilt walkers, poetry readings, and about a hundred booths of hand-made crafts.  Listening to the sounds of a violin and accordion in the middle of an ivy-covered courtyard, munching on red-wine-cookies, and sipping on a glass of ruby goodness, this was the perfect way to end these couple of days.

However, despite all of the magical moments and delicious sights, I still feel a little bit like I left a part of myself in Bosnia when Mr. Italian and I did our Eastern Europe Road Trip a couple of weeks ago.  Thus, I am putting on a pair of rain boots and throwing a cardboard sign into my red backpack, and jumping on a ferry tonight to wake up to Eastern skies with the next sunrise.  It won’t be a long trip, but it’ll give me the air I need for a few days.  Talk to you when I get back!



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