Sarajevo Fabric, Golden Trims, and Sparkly Revelations

August 30, 2013 § 5 Comments

There’s another wedding coming up tomorrow.  What does that mean?


Excellent reason to sew a dress : )

Dress front

So, that’s what I did today (or, rather, this week, as even something as simple as buying thread and matching buttons turns into a life-consuming, several-day project around here).  Ordered a book of dress patterns before my Eastern Europe trip, one of them upon which I based this dress on (but I had very rebellious lining and way too many layers to actually follow most of the directions).  Found and fell in love with the fabric in Sarajevo (as there are no proper fabric stores on this side of the Mediterranean).  Went to every single ‘sewing store’ around Ancona to find the most fitting finishes, and had the exact amount of thread (to the mm!) for the project.  After several days of mostly-satisfying frustration, this is what I ended up with:


To finish off the outfit, a pair of sparkly flying-bat-esque shoes (the search for simple, elegant gold heels was in vain):


And a matching clutch purse (just big enough to fit in my journal, a couple of doodle pens, and the good ol’ mini camera):


This project made me realize several things.  First: I love fabrics.  And trims.  And putting it all together.  Second: I need to do more of this.  Scholastically.  And then professionally.  Third:  I love challenges, but not unnecessary ones for things that should otherwise be pleasurable.  In other words, I need to find a place where I can do something with this passion and that has the resources available to do so.  In other words, Ancona is still near-and-dear to my heart, and will always be my favorite summer vacation spot and winter escape nook.  But, it’s not habitable for this little lioness, at least not now.

Whew.  Sewing adventure!


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