Driving around in a (big) circle

August 28, 2013 § 3 Comments

“Homesickness is a feeling that many know and suffer from; I on the other hand feel a pain less known, and its name is “Outsickness.”  When the snow melts, the stork arrives, and the first steamships race off, then I feel the painful travel unrest.”

-Hans Christian Andersen


Tracks in Ukraine

Welcome, world!  Apologies for the lack of rambling lately; there was a very last-minute decision to jump into a car and drive around Eastern Europe for a couple of weeks.  In the end, we drove around in a (big) circle: up through Italy and Austria, over through Hungary and Ukraine, back down through Romania, and then through Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia before taking a ferry from Split back to Ancona.

And what a lovely circle it was!

Though it wasn’t my usual backpack-on-shoulders, sandals-prancing-on-dirt-path, sleeping-in-deserted-barns type of adventure, it was still liberating to see so much terrain for someone who has been feeling increasingly restless lately.  It was a different experience, to see everything pass you by as you drive through, unnoticed, detached, nameless, nonexistent.

Sarajevo Hero

Sarajevo Hero

I didn’t get my fill of lazy trains and cardboard signs, but, in the end, I think that I reached something that I wouldn’t have reached otherwise.  I’m not sure what the destination really was, but I think that we got there, on a dateless night, with the clouds covering the full moon and our minds empty with the sound of the wind passing through the windows.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

(If you like what you see, the entire album can by viewed on my very professional Facebook album here!)

Personal highlights: every single pastry and bottle of flavoured sparkly water, crossing the border into Ukraine at midnight and being greeted with men in uniform, utter darkness, stray dogs lying dead in the road, and all of the road signs in Cyrillic, walking around Sarajevo, picking plums off trees in the middle of Serbian fields, falling alseep in the car in a random, dark parking lot and waking up in the morning to an unexpected sea, the “merry cemetery” in northern Romania, and an evening out in Eger.  Many stories and many discoveries; ask me over a cup of tea or glass of wine!

Eastern Europe is my favorite nook of the world (sorry, Italy), and I can’t wait to go back and thoroughly explore.


Circus at Night

Until then, back to the art desk and basil leafs.


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