Falling In Love With Machines

August 3, 2013 § 1 Comment

Ladies and gentlemen: today, I am going to take a break from posting beautiful pictures of Italian landscape, scrumptious recipes, and artsy artwork in order to devote the deserved attention to my new baby and life-time love:

I’m not sure what I did to deserve this treat, but Mr. Italian got me a sewing machine.  And not just any sewing machine.

Let me try to convey just a little taste of the beauty of our first play session.

House, empty.  Dramatic music, jamming.  Sun, setting.  Wine glass, full.  Mind, inspired.  Heart, giddy.

I plug it in.  I turn it on.  I wind the lower thread.  I cut the fabric, put in some pins, align the seams, lower the presser foot.  Take a deep breath and gently apply a little bit of pressure on the foot controller, and… !! I’m not sure there’s a more adequate way of putting that.  It’s as if… (I know nothing about cars, but I’d imagine that it’d be as if) you were one of the world’s biggest car enthusiasts, but, due to unfortunate circumstances, you have had to drive a falling-apart, old, noisy, missing-some-parts, coughing, rusty pick-up truck your entire life.  And then, one day, a beautiful, shiny, new, smooth Mercedes falls onto your lap (or, rather, right next to you, as to allow the possibility of actually driving the vehicle).  And you sit in it and breath in the new car smell and put your hands on the steering wheel and gently press down on the pedal… and the car just glides forward.  With surprising speed, but even more breath-taking smoothness.  Quietly.   Almost magically.

That’s kind of what this felt like, but better.  I love sewing.  Yet all of the sewing machines that I have used have been… kinda outdated, even if they were completely functional and sturdy and practical.  Not that I minded- in fact, at the store, I narrowed my sewing machine selection down to this stallion and a clunky, simple Italian box… 90% for sentimentality and nostalgia, 10% for the knowledge that the clunky, simple Italian box was all that I needed and that I don’t like new, sleek things.  And yet, I fell in love with this new addition to the household as soon as I held it.  I even sewed button holes.  Button holes!  Not by hand!  Ai!

So, my first project was to sew a curtain to separate my art space from the rattling fridge next to it.  And try to incorporate some more ‘natural’ objects into this Italian flat, instead of all of the thick, heavy boxes and geometric shapes cluttering the rest of the house.  A couple of hours later, voila’:

I also used a screwdriver, hammer, straight screws, and squiggly screws today in order to attach a shelf to my desk (without pre-marked holes, thank you very much).  And bought a couple more boxes to store art supplies.  In other words, my art space is done for the time being, and it feels wonderful.

Alrighty… art bliss sharing, complete.  Cultural events, inspirational photography, and rants about my new life in Italy shall continue on the morrow.

Until then, Red Curtain, Sewing Machine, Art Desk, and I bid you all a lovely night.



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