“Vissi d’arte…”

July 31, 2013 § 2 Comments

Today has been entirely dedicated to testing out my new art desk and singing along to the opera station that I found on the radio (oh, happy heart!  oh, poor neighbors!).  So, two new watercolor sketches:


Ancona Archway

In Spiaggia

In Spiaggia

(the rest of the series’ sketches, as well as my enthusiastic welcoming of the art desk, can be seen in yesterday’s entry)

And now, it’s time to go behead some fish and de-pit some olives for tonight’s dinner.  And, I think that enough time has passed since my mountaintop adventure to safely open another bottle of wine.  Cheers.


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§ 2 Responses to “Vissi d’arte…”

  • If those are only sketches then this depresses me. I wish to do final art close to your sketching. Thanks.
    Who walked Ancona to buy fish instead of watermelon? 🙂

    • Simba says:

      Heh. Anything that can be done in one art sitting gets “sketch” status.

      Actually, I made friends with the lovely young man working in the fish shop under our flat… so, not only do I only have to walk 200 meters instead of across the entire city, but I do not have any opportunities to get tempted by watermelon on the way! Score.

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