The continued adventures of a little lion…

July 23, 2013 § 3 Comments

Things still looking frustrating on the Italian Efficiency front.  And I can feel myself slipping a little bit further into complete and utter apathy every day- when I’m not cursing all of the hand-written signs taped crookedly on all of the government buildings that kindly inform me that any of my bureaucratic endeavors are a complete waste of time.

Which is alright, really.  Because that just means that I can doodle more at home, instead of attempting to register myself as someone that wants residency here.  Their loss.  Maybe one day, after I become a famous artist and make millions, the Anconian commune will look through their cabinet of Forgotten Applications and say to themselves “doh, this girl came knocking about a bajillion times five years ago and could have contributed to our economy, oops!”  But, probably not.

(I met up with a fellow randomly-move-to-Le-Marche blogger yesterday afternoon for an aperitivo, which was therapeutic in the sense that we both vented, inbetween praising the superior taste of Italian tomatoes and the blueness of its skies.  Of course, even meeting up for an aperitivo turned into its own Italian Adventure, and extended into a six-hour glass(es) of wine; but that’s another story that you will be able to read about on her blog in the very near future, I’m sure).

So, instead of being a productive member of society, I have come up with the cast for my upcoming illustrated children’s book:

Also, I went to a paper/art-ish/framing-y store to buy a couple of stationary sets this morning, and ended up having the longest conversation that I have yet had in Italian with the store owner.  By the end of the conversation, I accepted a deal to come back with examples of my watercolor sketches of Ancona (er, that I will obviously have, very soon).  I’m not sure what his part of the deal is, but he emphasized the fact that he doesn’t usually bother looking at people’s art and that I will be getting some kind of something out of the arrangement if I can succeed to flabbergast him with my skill, so… we’ll see.

Even if you’re lounging in a foreign country with nothing important to do, there never seems to be enough time for all of the art projects.  Back to the drawing board.


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