Salmon, Watercolors, and Showers

July 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today, I did a little bit more of what I always do: make art and food.

Actually, that’s a lie, because I haven’t technically made a full dinner at home in a while.  Mostly because I have been spending the past couple of weeks in Italy eating all day, so that by the time that dinner rolls around, I am completely stuffed and regretfully tell m’dear Mr. Italian to go fend for himself when he comes home after work.

But, my walk through Spain greatly lacked seafood, and I love salmon, so this had to be remedied.  As a result, dinner of salmon baked with feta cheese, spinach, and lentils.  Voila:

And the rest of the day, I spent strumming on the guitar, throwing more stuff out of Mr. Italian’s house, and splattering paint:

And, with this week wrapping up… I think that it’s time to make the plunge.  I had my week of lazy lounging at home and indulging in snacks and old musicals and watercolor sketches.  And now… time to take a shower and go forth into the world of Ancona.

When the alternative is staying in comfy pj’s all day and filling all of the hours of the day with art, I sometimes have a difficult time finding motivation to do anything else.  But, let’s face it; I moved to Italy.  Might as well start living in Italy.  It’s tough, because, alla fine dei conti, Ancona still always feels like a luxurious hide-away, in which I don’t have to do anything.  Even now, there was the Camino di Santiago.  And, in a couple of weeks, I’ll be leaving on vacation with Mr. Italian.  And then, in the autumn, I move up to Monza for the semester.  So, it’s difficult to establish any kinds of roots in Ancona.  Doesn’t make sense to get my own place, or set up an art studio, or enroll in violin/dance classes, or get a scooter, or any of that good stuff.  In my head, it’s always “later, after this”.

But, might as well take a few little steps.  Start talking to people and make some friends and share a few apperitivi and buy all of the in-season fruits’n’veggies at the market instead of what I’m craving, and do something outside of this too-little house.

At the same time, I’m also ready for my next art project though.  A friend here in Ancona randomly asked me yesterday over the phone if I have ever considered painting the color of silence.  Why, yes, actually, I have.  I think it’s time to tackle the concept.  I just have no idea what that will be.  I just know that I want colors and people in this series.

Mmkay.  Time for that shower, a pair of heels, and a dinner date with Mr. Italian’s daddy.  Andiamo.


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