Italian Wedding

June 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

Yesterday I attended a friend’s wedding in the middle of the Italian countryside: 12 hours of live jazz music, chatter, and endless courses of foods.  Let’s get honest:  if I ever get married, this is the exact wedding that I want- sore feet and all.


The ceremony started out with a formal church gathering, in a modern-yet-old-fashioned building in the middle of Ancona.  What a turn-out!  First came a big group of musician friends to rehearse for the music during the ceremony; I was expecting formal choruses and Latin chants (okay, okay!), but instead, the music was lively and fun, with guitars and violins, and drums, and a lot of hand claps.  The ceremony itself was sweet, and the eruption of applause and cheers that greeted the newly-wed couple as they exited the church gave me (very positive) goosebumps.  Just like the shower of rice (we had a very talented rice-thrower) made me run for cover a little bit every time.


I realize that it’s Italy, and everyone always looks like a model, but…. yesterday especially.  I could have summarized the wedding into three word: friends (love), food (wine), and high heels (high heels).  Against my better judgement, I even joined the club.  It was kind of worth it; I mean, I leave for a 6-week hike tomorrow and I can barely stand on my feet today, but that’s okay.


Then, the party moved to a restaurant in the middle of the countryside; La Cipolla d’Oro.  I thought that places and events like this only existed in movies: old buildings, fine china, old vespas scattered throughout the restaurant, villa-like grounds to stroll through, numerous (and by ‘numerous’, I mean ‘really numerous’) courses of food, endlessly-replenishing bottles of wine (champagne, white, red, dessert, ah!), talented jazz crooners and live bands, and the most picturesque couple.  And fretting Italian families and big groups of friends and little kids running all over the place, somehow managing to avoid knocking down all of the old grannies.

With all of the games for the newlyweds between courses, speeches, food presentations, chit-chat, live music, and eventual dancing (finally!), the wedding stretched well into the early hours of the morning.  My feet wouldn’t let me stay until the end, but I can imagine that it included a little bit more of the same wonderfulness that occurred during the first half of the day’s 24 hours.

Viva gli sposi!


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