MIA: Mommy in Ancona

May 31, 2013 § 2 Comments

The past three days have been a blur of hills, giggles, and beautiful photography (on both the landscape and the portrait front).  And while I wish that I have had the opportunity to properly document each day of culinary and geographic adventure, Mumsi and I were too busy drinking wine and chatting like a couple of high school BFF’s.

Before I leave Italy on Sunday to go walk through France and Spain for the next couple of months, I will simply summarize our week together with a few pictures:

First day in Ancona consisted of walking up and down many steps as I showed off my city.  Breakfast of the three C‘s, Italian markets, a descent to Passetto, an ascent back to the level of gelati and caffe’s.  As a last stop before returning home, I took Mumsi to Parco della Cittadella, a little hilltop park just down (or, up?) the street from the house:


Mumsi found herself and Italian admirer: the park-keeper, who also owns the little bar inside the fortress park, and serenaded us for an hour with his guitar.  His voice is pretty amazing, Mommy enjoys good food and good company, and I love the opportunity to play Translator, so we accepted an invitation for home-made lunch the next day.  Then, went home, changed shoes, and went out again with Italian to Strabacco, a cozy restaurant of typical Marche cuisine:


After courses of bruschetta and meat cuts and mint pasta and wines and tiramisu, we waddled back home and collapsed.


Next day consisted of similar activities: more walking up and down hills, looking at beautiful views, spending a few hours with Park-keeper (not only do Italian meals take an eternity, but this lunch date extended into a private concert and a field trip to his house as he showed us off Anconian rooftops), and watching sunsets:


Day Three was a little bit more action-packed.  Italian took the day off, so we drove around the region and pointed out all of the cool spots.  Like Senigallia, where walked along the beach,


and had a lovely lunch at Le Boudoir, a belle epoque cafe’ with hundreds of vintage items decorating the walls, even more artsy books dotting the shelves, and a basement completely cluttered with trinkets and pianos and little stages for nighttime music events:


Then, off to Genga, where we stuffed ourselves with local food, hiked around a bit (if you want to have your breath taken away with more pretty photos, click here),


enjoyed visciola (cherry wine), and then returned to the seaside.  Where we climbed cherry trees and walked around the quaint town of Sirolo,


and then headed over to Portonovo to watch the sunset and enjoy one last aperitivo together.


And then, back to Ancona to order a piadina for take-out, play Rummikub, and fall into a sight-and-food-inspired stupor.


It’s been a good week; I haven’t laughed this much in a long time.  It was bittersweet to drop Mumsi off at the airport today morning, with the glorious Italian sunset just beginning its transformation of the land.  I’m looking forward to the next Mommy-Daughter date, in some obscure corner of the world : )

Until then, I will just continue listening to the silence of the birds and scrunching up my nose to photograph other adventures:

(for you, Mumsi)

(for you, Mumsi)


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§ 2 Responses to MIA: Mommy in Ancona

  • It’s an absolute treat to share your adventures with your Mom from my comfy couch at home! Thank you!

  • eva says:

    thanks for special time, great views, good food, lots of laughter, walking up and down the hills (endlessly), rain and sun, meeting strangers, artsy bars and cappuccinos. You are the best guide and adventure planner I have ever met! Italy is more colorful with you.

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