When in Rome…

May 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

This Sunday, I went to Rome to meet up with my lovely Mother and walk through Roman streets with her for 24 hours before dragging her back with me to Ancona to show off my corner of paradise on earth.  Coincidentally, it happened to be Mother’s Day in France, where she was flying from.  I certainly did not expect to celebrate Mother’s Day with Mommy this year, so this little weekend getaway was even more of a treat.

I booked us a room at a guesthouse with a view out the window that just screams ROME:


, picked her up at the train station and introduced her to my favorite aspect of Italian culture: l’aperitivo.

(yours truly, not Mommy)

(yours truly, not Mommy)

I had the whole evening planned out, with a flamenco show in mind…. we got the theatre, and found out that the performance was on Wednesday (nice job, Italian advertising), so we walked around some more streets during sunset:



, passed by the Colosseum,

(Mommy, not yours truly)

(Mommy, not yours truly)

, meandered through random streets and by historical buildings at night,


, and finished Sunday off with Moroccan tea and a bottle of wine at Libreria Caffè Bohemien, a really cozy, low-kay bar with shelves of books on the walls and posters desgined by the Il Bastardo label artist in the bathroom:


After many giggles and zig-zaged paths through the city back to our hotel, we collapsed onto our springy mattress… yet managed to wake up at dawn, with the birds singing and chimney sweepers sweeping chimneys outside of our window.  Then, Mommy presented me with a smuggled-in stash of bootleg liquer from the States (shhh):

(not cognac)

(not cognac)

We walked under multiple arches,


, walked through quaint neighborhoods:

enjoyed our caffe’ next to begrudging dogs:

, frollicked through parks:

, and ended our treck next to famous bridges:


before running through the entire city back to our hotel, picking up our  bags, running even faster to the train station, and boarding our transportation vehicle for Ancona.

Benvenuto in Italia, Mumsi!


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